• "How Tos" Choosing the Best Hats for Women

    The primary purpose of winter hats for women is protection from cold. A good hat should keep your ears and head toasty. Choose warm fabrics like wool and fleece that trap heat.
  • The Mouse and Christmas

    One of the most popular references to a mouse at Christmas is in the iconic and very old poem, “Twas the Night before Christmas.
  • How the X-Mas Tree and Indoor Christmas Decorations Were Born

    According to the notes of famous historian Balthasar Russow, a fir tree would be set up in the center of town. Young men and women sang and danced around this tree and later set it ablaze. Even today, many towns and villages have their own marketplace Christmas trees. But it was in 1605 that a tree decorated with fruits like apples and dates as well as paper flowers and pretzels was brought indoors. As the Christmas tree made its way into homes, ideas to “deck the halls” with different types of Christmas decorations indoor also began.
  • Best Christmas Tree Decorations to Bring the Holiday Spirit

    Even if it never snows for Christmas where you live, you can create a beautiful wintry wonderland setting at home to trigger nostalgic memories. All you need is a flocked Christmas tree and beautiful snow-themed ornaments and décor.
  • Top Benefits of Wearing Wool Indoor Slippers for Men

    Good quality slippers improve blood circulation. Traditional Chinese medicine and foot reflexology experts emphasize the importance of keeping feet warm. Covering your feet will improve blood circulation and strengthen the body. To give your body the benefits associated with warm feet, make it a practice to slip into a pair of indoor felt wool slippers as soon as you take off your shoes.
  • The Benefits of Felt Wool Slippers for Women

    Comfortable, durable and created with great attention to detail, felt wool slippers for women are the epitome of handcrafted luxury. Made from the finest Australian wool using time-tested traditional methods, felted wool slippers are the perfect indulgence for yourself or someone you love.
  • Felted Wool Indoor Slippers are the Best Slippers for Men

    Felt, fleece and shearling are commonly used in making indoor slippers. Of these materials, felt is the superior fabric when compared to fleece and shearling. While fleece can make your feet hot, shearling ends up smelling awful after a while. Felt, on the other hand, is made from natural wool. This fiber has excellent moisture-wicking and anti-microbial properties. It is a breathable fiber that keeps the skin cool and prevents odor build-up. Being naturally elastic and resilient it is durable and functional.
  • Farmer Soul and Fair Trade USA Partnership

    LAS VEGAS, NV and OAKLAND, CA, OCTOBER 22, 2018 - Farmer Soul LLC has officially announced its plans to introduce several product categories made from environmentally friendly material that will also be Fair Trade Certified™, meaning Farmer Soul will pay an additional premium on every product to a worker managed community development fund to better the lives of predominately female factory workers.
  • Introducing Crochet Collection to Support Artisan Women in Armenia

    LAS VEGAS, NV and YEREVAN, ARMENIA October 29, 2018 - Farmer Soul LLC has announced a partnership with the Homeland Development Initiative Fund (HDIF) in celebration of Fair Trade Month. Through this partnership, crafted crochet products are being introduced in Nevada and across the country.
  • Queen Victoria Gave the Crochet Art Her Approval

    Crochet is an amazing fabric art that has been around since the early 19th century. The process involves looping of yarn or thread using a hook to create different shapes and patterns.

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