As a conscious and educated consumer, you should be aware of the wasteful and highly polluting nature of the fashion industry. Apart from the hugely negative environmental impacts of fast fashion, this industry has also fostered unethical practices like child labor and exploitation. Eco-friendly and Fair Trade Certified clothing will help us combat and take control of existing environmental damage. Even a small change through a conscious fashion choice will significantly reduce your environmental footprint and help you make a positive change. Start with something small, say your winter hat choice. Here are five reasons to say goodbye to your boring, ordinary winter headgear and treat yourself to sustainable beanies for women. 

Show off your individuality with eco-friendly beanies for women 

Made from 100% organic wool and crafted with precise attention to detail, handmade beanies for women are masterpieces of art. Each piece is unique. Mass-produced hats do not possess the same charm as handmade beanies with evident artisanal quality. If you value quality and comfort, this is the best choice for your superior taste.

Women Beanie

Eco-friendly beanies last longer and are easier to maintain 

Unlike artificially treated fabrics that require extensive care, beanies handmade from wool are easy to clean and maintain. Wool naturally repels dust and dirt. It holds its shape and can be cleaned with a mild detergent. So, with just a little care your eco-friendly beanie will last you a lifetime.  

Pure wool beanies are as skin-friendly as it gets 

Beanies and winter hats made from organic wool are free from synthetics. Wool is a natural fiber that is hypo-allergenic and suitable for sensitive skin. These eco-friendly beanies do not contain any toxic dyes that may trigger skin reactions. Instead, they are designed using organic pigments and dyes. They are extremely soft and comfortable on the skin.  

Beanies never go out of style 

Beanies have been big on the fashion scene ever since they first appeared in the early 1900s. So, if you are big on style, here is a versatile hat that will never go out of fashion. It combines form with function to complete any outfit with perfection. This durable winter hat will look fabulous for years and is a wardrobe essential that every woman should own.  

Buy handmade beanies to show your support for Fairtrade and the Planet 

When you choose to buy a stylish beanie from a Fairtrade certified online shop like Farmer Soul, you support the Fairtrade movement. These products are created by skillful artisans who work in safe work environments and receive fair wages for their time and effort. Your choice empowers them to earn a decent livelihood without being subjected to exploitation. Beanies made from wool are also cruelty-free, unlike leather or fur. So, it is not only a gift for you but also a gift for all those involved in the supply chain.  

Sustainable fashion is the biggest need of the hour and the way forward to an impactful change in the fashion scene. Go big on style with green choices like woolen garments and join the slow revolution towards making the earth a better place to live in. Make this change today!