Over the last couple of years, Christmas has become a highly commercialized celebration. So, it is not surprising that modern types of decorations and ornaments flood the markets every year. Unfortunately, these newfound designs have often led to the drowning of the true traditional symbols of Christmas, so while we deck our Christmas tree with contemporary and cute ornaments, we often overlook the most meaningful symbols of this holiday.  Take the case of Christmas mouse ornaments, for instance.  Did you know that felt mouse ornaments are authentic representations of Christmas or that the mouse is connected to the holiday season? 

One of the most popular references to a mouse at Christmas is in the iconic and very old poem, “Twas the Night before Christmas.”  The poem which belongs to the early 19th century opens with the lines  ‘Twas the night before Christmas, when all thro’ the house, Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse” 

This poem has a subtle reference to the tiny rodent. Meanwhile, the mouse also enjoys a prominent place in Christmas stories like “The Christmas Mouse” and “The Nutcracker and the king of mice.” “The Christmas mouse” is another story about a tiny mouse that was hungry and cold after the house he lived in was vacated. However, at Christmas time a new family moves in. This family cheerfully celebrates the days leading up to Christmas with plenty of food. Thus, the mouse and his family find food and enjoy a fantastic Christmas feast. Although the storyline remains pretty much the same, there are different variations of how it ends. In one version, the family happily accepts that they have their own Christmas mouse when they discover a crumb trail below the tree on Christmas morning. In another version, the Christmas mouse meets Santa when he comes to place gifts for the children. 

Christmas Ornaments

In “The Nutcracker and the king of mice” the hero is a toy nutcracker who confronts the king of mice and his army. A little girl helps the nutcracker win the battle and overcome his curse.  As with most fairytales, the nutcracker and the little girl live happily ever after.  

Represent the traditional tales of Christmas with felted mouse ornaments 

Through stories like the ones we just saw, the mouse is clearly established as an icon of Christmas celebrations. So, doesn’t it make sense to represent this connection in your Christmas décor?  Felt mouse ornaments are adorable representations of the mice in Christmas stories. Add it to your Christmas tree and share the tales you just learned with those who are unaware of it. The felt mouse will soon be a family favorite that will be appreciated and treasured by generation after generation.   

Felt mouse ornaments from Farmer Soul are made from organic wool using traditional techniques. They are durable, hold shape, and look great for several years. So, gift this token of Christmas cheer to yourself and the people you love, and it will always be a treasured Christmas icon.