Hats have the power to make or break an outfit.  Hence, you must choose your hats wisely.  The best hats for women blend form with function. They will not only look good but also act as practical accessories. When you chose a good winter hat, you will be warm and comfortable when the weather is cold. It is a bonus if the hat is stylish as well. So, what are the factors to look for when buying a winter hat? Let us find out.  

How toasty it is 

The primary purpose of winter hats for women is protection from cold. A good hat should keep your ears and head toasty. Choose warm fabrics like wool and fleece that trap heat. If you live in places where the weather is very cold, you will appreciate the warmth of lined woolen hats that keep the cold at bay.  

How well it complements your face shape 

Not every hat suits every face shape. So, look for winter hats that complement your natural facial structure to look your best. The basic idea is to choose a hat that draws attention to your best features while distracting from less desirable assets. Knitted beanies are universally flattering and look good on most facial shapes. So, when in doubt, choose a beanie and you cannot possibly go wrong.  

How it goes with your hair color 

If the color of your hair and hat clash, the effect can be disastrous. So, choose colors that go with your hair color to appear fresh and vibrant. Here are some pointers to help you with your selection: ·

How well it matches the occasion 

The colors, design and style elements of the hat should be suitable for the occasion. Patterned and printed hats in bright colors are great for casual settings. Meanwhile, neutral-colored hats with classic design features work for all settings. Outfit your wardrobe with different types of hats to ensure that you are set for all types of events.  

How it matches the rest of your outfit  

Hats have a huge impact on your overall look. So, choose it in such a way that it goes well with the rest of your outfit. Keep the colors and details in the hat simple if your outfit has several statement elements. You can opt for hats with designs if the rest of your outfit is plain. Steer clear of hats for women decorated with flowers or ribbons if you wear eyewear, as it can clutter up your overall look.  Good hats for women are great investments that will help you look smart and stylish every winter. Explore the collection of handmade winter hats from Farmer Soul for great choices that provide optimal comfort. Made from 100% natural materials and using traditional hand-knitting techniques, these durable hats for women are guaranteed to be toasty treats for cold weather.