One of the most enjoyable tasks of the holiday season is decorating a Christmas tree with different types of ornaments, especially when they are handmade from felt wool and Fair Trade Certified.  Step into a supermarket this time of year and you will find aisles lined with various types of Christmas ornaments. They come at all shapes, sizes, and prices. However, none of them compare with the unique qualities of handmade ornaments.  Here are five reasons why handmade Christmas ornaments are better than store-bought varieties and why you should seriously consider buying them.

Christmas Ornaments Felt Wool
  1. Handmade Christmas ornaments are very personal Did you know that most machine-made ornaments are manufactured in mere minutes? They are devoid of personality and are cookie-cutter creations. However, handmade Christmas ornaments are fruits of labor and love. They take hours to make and the craftsmen devote their attention to each stage of construction. These ornaments are molded into their final shape by hand and the attention to detail is evident in the final product.
  2. Handmade Christmas ornaments are unique The differences between two store-bought ornaments are barely discernible. Meanwhile, each handmade Christmas ornament is unique. Since these ornaments are crafted by hand, it is nearly impossible to replicate the exact same details in two ornaments. As a result, each of these pieces is one-of-a-kind.
  3. Artisan Christmas ornaments are more meaningful Whether it is to decorate your Christmas tree or to gift it to friends or family, handmade Christmas ornaments are the best. Being unique, they make treasured keepsakes. Just look at heirloom ornaments that are treasured by the present and previous generations. Most of them are bound to be handmade. Some of them even have interesting background stories. Gift handmade ornaments to your loved ones and it will forge a strong memory in the minds of the recipients.
  4. Handmade Christmas ornaments are sustainable and safe Christmas ornaments from high street stores may look pretty. But they often contain plastics, dyes, and other unsustainable construction materials. They are mechanically produced on a large-scale using mass production techniques. These cookie-cutter versions have no individuality or soul-stirring quality. Meanwhile, handmade Christmas ornaments are made using felted wool, cotton, clay and wood and with traditional ornament-making techniques. They use natural dyes and safe glues that are non-toxic and environment-friendly. Hence, they are green and organic choices.
  5. These ornaments are the fair choice The Christmas ornaments at Farmer Soul are produced at Fair Trade Certified factories in Nepal. These factories ensure secure and clean working conditions and fair wages to their employees. As safe working places, they offer the women a decent work environment where they are free from exploitation. At these factories, the women learn and practice the craft of traditional felt making. They use their skills and imagination to develop unique pieces of work.

Wool Felt Christmas Ornaments

When you buy these Christmas ornaments, you directly support a community of hard-working, deserving women in developing countries. More importantly, you buy much more than just a physical item. You also invest in the artisan and you empower them with a better chance to earn a good livelihood.