Gifts and Goodies Handmade With Soul, Fair Trade Certified and Beyond Organic.

Farmer Soul was born in Las Vegas, NV, on an organic urban farm. Las Vegas, is located right in the periphery of Mojave Desert, and naturally surrounded by very poor soil and limited precipitation, only 4” per year. Working in the desert taught us the basics of soil structure, conservation and brought us closer to the Mother Nature. We tapped into ancestral farming knowledge of other cultures and applied those skills to grow prolific fruit trees and vegetables in the desert. Experimenting with organic farming led us to organic cotton, subsequently to fashion which learning it is the second most polluting industry in the world. We started to look for brands that produce sustainable products and learned that compared to conventional consumer brands, they are greatly outnumbered by 100:1 ratio and frequently carry premium price. This alone was sufficient to inspire us to enter into retail industry and establish a store that will promote ethically produced products made from organic ingredients and other sustainable material. Sowing seeds and working with hands made us further appreciate handmade products crafted by fair trade artisans from around the globe.

We continue to grow organic food for ourselves responsibly and pursue a sustainable lifestyle. Organic farming has brought us closer to the nature – that is why we’re determined to keep it clean and green for all generations to enjoy. We are devoted to reduce the supply chain impact on the environment and increase the use of sustainable material ethically. We are committed to human rights and fair trade.

Integrity | Efficiency | Sustainability | Engaging Locally | Impacting Globally

We will continuously source environmentally sustainable and ethically produced products, deliver excellent and speedy service, and work with socially responsible companies that utilize these principles in the manufacturing practices.

Our mission is to become leading retailer with ethical, sustainable and environmentally conscious products enabling consumers to make global impact on social and environmental issues by exercising their purchasing power.

Fair and Green planet where consumer products are ethically produced using organic ingredients, and recycled, upcycled and repurposed waste.

In nature, unfairness, discrimination or inequality simply do not exist. It is all about balance and sustainability. Given we have deep roots in sustainable community farming, we believe that everyone is equal and unique in their own beautiful ways.

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