• Forced labor - Modern day slavery

    If you thought that slavery and bonded labor are matters of the past, you will be shocked to learn that it is still a very real and existent problem.Forced labor—the modern version of slavery, is a global problem that affects 21 million men, women, and children in various parts of the world.
  • Origins of Wool Knitted Clothing


    Farmer Soul is committed to reducing reliance on plastic use within our own supply chains. As a result we have developed simple guidelines that sourcing team is required to consider and request vendor to comply prior to accepting delivery of any products from manufacturers.

    Supply chain sustainability is an issue that affects not just organization's supply chain or logistics network but the entire planet. By definition it covers business issues from a perspective of peril to minimize environmental risks, and subsequently mitigate waste costs.
  • Child Labor — A Real and Rampant Societal Evil

    Did you know that 17% of the child population in the world are victims of child labor? According to NGO, Humanium as high as, close to 250 million children are part of the labor force, worldwide. Greater than150 million of them are working in hazardous conditions and over 1 million of these children will fall victims to human trafficking.

    When you choose Fair Trade Certified™ goods, you’re voting with your dollar supporting responsible business,empowering farmers & workers, and protecting the environment.Across farms and factories, their rigorous standards ensures safe working conditions, long-term investments in healthy communities, and sustainable practices. In our factory in Nepal, our workers have a voice and are empowered to improve their communities.

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