Supply Chain Transparency

Supply chain sustainability is an issue that affects not just organization's supply chain or logistics network but the entire planet. By definition it covers business issues from a perspective of peril to minimize environmental risks, and subsequently mitigate waste costs. At Farmer Soul, we think there is a need to increase the scope and look deeper into the system as a whole. In order for the supply chains to be entirely sustainable the social factor cannot be exclusive of the environmental risks. We need to integrate environmentally sound practices with socially conscience principles as a complete inclusive system in order to have completely sustainable supply chains. Below we have outlined, business management process that will enable us to pursue Sustainable Supply Chains:

  • Environmentally Conscience Planning 
  • Sustainable Sourcing Strategy
  • Socially Responsible Manufacturing
  • Efficient and Speedy Logistics
  • Return, Recycle, and Repurpose Process Integration
  • Continuous Monitoring and System Improvements.