Farmer Soul Celebrates Fair Trade Month

Introducing Crochet Collection to Support Artisan Women in Armenia

LAS VEGAS, NV and YEREVAN, ARMENIA October 29, 2018 - Farmer Soul LLC has announced a partnership with the Homeland Development Initiative Fund (HDIF) in celebration of Fair Trade Month. Through this partnership, crafted crochet products are being introduced in Nevada and across the country.

HDIF is a non-profit based in the Republic of Armenia, with 501(C) 3 non-profit HDIF-USA operating out of California. HDIF is part of the fair trade movement and is a member of the World Fair Trade Organization, which ensures consumers get items made inf air working conditions with producers being paid for their work. Farmer Soul has elected to introduce to the market a set of colorful miniature animal crochet keychains serving as handbag tags or even as Christmas ornaments. Keyrings are useful for helping keep track of items, and people also enjoy collecting them. They come not only with a key ring, but a spring hook as well that allows it to be easily attached to a favorite backpack or a purse in a display of personality or to support artisans in Armenia. Handmade crafts make some of the most precious souvenirs and keepsakes, along with uniqueness and craftsmanship that goes into each uniquely crafted crochet piece.

They are produced using crochet method that is passed on in the region by generations and is a fabric production process by interlocking loops of yarn using a specific crochet hook. Translated from French, crochet means 'small hook', hence the etymology of the word indicative of the origins. Each is produced fastidiously by artisans for a World Fair Trade Guaranteed Member, a cooperative that employs local artisans who are mostly women from economically disadvantaged and remote regions of Armenia along the border. The remote areas of Armenia are impacted by an ongoing conflict and hostility fire repeatedly violated by its foe, Azerbaijan. Armenia is located in Eurasia, rich in history, culture, and beautiful monasteries that are spread across its alpine landscape. Due to the hostile conditions, the bordering villages lack economic stability and jobs. The need for sustainable jobs to empower women cannot be overemphasized. It is a truly priceless achievement when women in this situation can find financial stability while creating value with their craftsmanship.

This partnership empowers women and gives them hope and prosperity that is shared with their families. This act delivers smiles to the producers they have never met, keeps kids in schools, and prevents families to rely on economic migration in search for better life outside of their homes. This product enables customers to achieve the essence of humanity and utmost kindness with a precious souvenir. 

“We are extremely happy to be working with HDIF, as we share core company values and common commitment to impact people,” commented Farmer Soul founder, Jerald Zargarian. Farmer Soul’s mission to impact people and make an impact on the planet would be impossible without dedicated and conscious customers, who are striving to make a lasting impact with their purchasing power on the environment and ethical production of goods. This partnership delivers artful collection of gifts that truly impacts people thousands of miles away.

About Farmer Soul

Farmer Soul is an online retailer that has been inspired by urban farming and experimenting in the desert with cotton and other plants. They have entered fashion and retail industries to make an impact on social and environmental issues to promote fair labor, and clean environment, especially water and soil. They carry and promote products that are made ethically, from sustainable material and carry various categories from organic ingredients and fibers.


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