Here is why you will love fun and unique crochet keychains and bag charms.

Crochet is an amazing fabric art that has been around since the early 19th century. The process involves looping of yarn or thread using a hook to create different shapes and patterns.

It is believed that crochet was invented as an alternative to traditional lace-making. Queen Victoria gave the art her approval and even attempted doing some crochet herself, following which it became immensely popular and to this day is regarded as a classic art.

The appeal of colorful and creative patterns in vibrant crochet creations like keychains, hats, blankets and jewelry continues to charm every generation, making it a timeless favorite.

One of the best things about crochet is that every creation is handmade with exquisite artisan quality. Handcrafted crochet items are, without a doubt, more interesting and appealing than anything you can buy at a store.

Haven’t you heard that good things come in small packages? Crochet keychains are perfect examples for this. Whether you use them yourself or gift them to someone you love, crochet keychains are bound to be favorites.

Here is why we think you will find adorable crochet keychains truly irresistible.

They are practical and pretty

Keychains are a practical necessity to secure home keys, car keys and other valuables. High quality keychains with distinct style make it easy to organize and distinguish different bunches of keys. The pretty handmade crochet animal motifs will make your keys look good and serve as handy reminders, so you never forget them again.

Made with care

Outstanding craftsmanship, attention to detail and high-quality materials are some of the factors that enhance the appeal of handmade crochet keychains. If you have a penchant for artisan-quality products, you will love these keychains. Designed in lovely color combinations with excellent attention to detail, every piece is sure to impress.

The versatile accessory is great for gifting

There is no better way to show that you care than with artfully designed crochet keychains. With intricate details handcrafted to perfection, these keychains hold their shape and last forever. Gift it to a loved one and it will serve as a precious reminder of your affection for them. Use them as party favors at birthdays, graduation parties or for any other special occasion as a token of your joy with the wonderful people who add cheer to your life.

Sustainable choices that look great

Every shopping decision impacts the environment. At this time when ethical, sustainable, eco-friendly choices are of paramount importance, crochet keychains made to fair trade standards are choices you will never regret. Each keychain is meticulously handcrafted by artisan women in Armenia through a social enterprise initiative that offers them steady jobs and better prospects in life. 

Crochet keychains never go out of style They are few other art forms like crochet that never feel dated. Crochet products have been around forever and continue to be popular because of their unbeatable quality. Crochet keychains are wonderful accessories that you can use wherever you go. Attach these cute character keychains to your backpack or luggage not only as an identification mark, but also to add pops of color and quirkiness to your style.