The Origins of Holiday Decor

Christmas ornaments are some of the first things to pop into mind when we think of December and Christmas. These tiny trinkets are symbolic icons of the holiday season and are an indispensable part of Christmas celebrations.

The origin of the Christmas ornament is closely linked to the tradition of the Christmas tree itself. Records suggest that early Egyptians, Celts, and Vikings decorated their houses with evergreen branches during winter long before Christianity appeared in the northern hemisphere. However, the tradition of the Christmas tree, as we know it today, began in Germany, in the early 16th century.

There is a story that Martin Luther, the famous Protestant reformer, was enamored by the twinkling sky beyond the evergreen forest he was walking through one night. Upon reaching home, he recreated this beautiful scene for his family using a fir tree and candles. The idea of the Christmas tree was thus born and soon spread throughout Germany.  Apart from candles, the first Christmas trees were decorated with edible items like apples, cookies, and nuts.

When apples were scarce in the winter of 1858, colorful glass balls were invented to replace them. These glass ornaments or baubles became very popular and to this day are used as Christmas decorations.  Mini figurines made from wood or felted wool, berries and tinsel were also used as decorations.

German immigrants carried the tradition of the Christmas tree and its decorations to other parts of the world including England and America in the early 18th century. Queen Victoria and her husband Prince Albert put an artistic spin on the tradition when they highlighted the first decorated English Christmas tree in 1841, at the Windsor Castle. Illustrations of the royal family seated around a decorated Christmas tree made the idea very popular, and soon the public was setting up their own versions at home. 

The Christmas ornament too evolved with time, as manufacturers introduced innovative and imaginative ornaments to attract customers. Tiny figurines, angels, stars, snowflakes, bells, and candy canes flooded the market. Even today, modern Christmas ornaments made from tinsel, wool, wood and silk share space with traditional glass balls and baubles.

Nonetheless, handmade Christmas ornaments continue to be favorites because of their unbeatable charm and remarkable individuality. Many families follow the practice of buying a few new ornaments every year, to create a custom collection or to hand them down to the next generation as precious keepsakes.

Although there are glittery balls, figurines and tree toppers in the market, handmade artisan quality Christmas ornaments are the perfect choices for such heirloom collections. Whether it is to keep for yourself or gift it to loved ones, handmade Christmas ornaments are always more meaningful.

Available in vibrant colors with soft textures and designed with excellent attention to detail, handcrafted Christmas ornaments made from felted wool add excitement and splendor to the Christmas scene. When years roll ahead and the pattern of decorations change, these special ornaments will stand the test of time and serve as magnificent reminders of Christmas celebrations from the past, helping you relive happy holiday memories of bygone years.